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The Money Exchange

Jun 22, 2020

Jeanne shared how she came up with her beautiful bath experiences, the timing it took, her distribution model and partnerships she has landed. Jeanne Macklin is the owner of Macklin Bath and Home, a luxurious home décor and personal care brand that believes that self-care should be an experience. Jeanne previously struggled with balancing work and self-care and finding high-quality tools and bath items that could help her and other women truly unwind. What once started as a simple, yet unfruitful search for a bath tray to help destress has grown into a full luxury brand for overworked women with limited time to themselves. The brand now offers bath salts, silk robes, and beautifully scented candles, as well as a variety of bathroom accessories like bath pillows and extendable bath trays. Though Jeanne only founded the brand in October of 2019, it has earned raving reviews and publications quickly, as well as and a viral response on Instagram. In addition to the brand’s features in the Cincinnati Herald and the Holiday Gift Guide for, Jeanne herself has been featured as a panelist for an Intuit’s Corporate Black History month. Macklin Bath & Home products are now available online on the company’s website, as well as a few select online retailers, including You can connect with Jeanne and Macklin Bath & Home on their Instagram at @macklinbathandhome__ or by visiting their website directly at This episode as sponsored by The Founder of MidiThings host live discussions on with women bosses on their business topic and current world topics. You can find the post at OR OR join our Facebook group