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The Money Exchange

Dec 16, 2021

Children often see adults/parents exchange money when purchasing various things and as they grow up they learn the value of money. Their understanding of its importance shapes their spending, saving, and sharing. Teaching them young just how valuable money is enables them to cultivate habits that they will put into good use as they grow into adulthood. Julina is a big advocate for this and she shares with us why we should teach our children about money. Connect with host, Patrina Dixon +Instagram +Facebook +Twitter +YouTube +Pinterest +Website Connect with guest, Julina L. Ogilvie, CIMA® CPWA® Julina manages wealth for high net worth individuals and families in addition to guiding successful advisors through the firm’s succession planning strategy. She is also an accomplished speaker and strategist who has presented wealth management concepts to thousands of financial professionals and clients. She is recognized for her outstanding achievements and serves as a mentor for young women entering the business. For her expertise help reach out to her below: Phone: 203.318.8892 Email: