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Ashley T Lee Podcast

Jul 13, 2024

This podcast covers the conflict of the Gentiles joining the church. There were Judaizers attempting to turn the church into a Jewish sect so there was much disagreement that brought the Jerusalem counsel to a huge meeting. Fortunately the Holy Spirit brought about God’s will. Listen to hear the details. 

Jul 6, 2024

This podcast continues missionary journey with Paul and Barnabas. They always get opposition because Paul insists on starting with the Jews in synagogues. Listen to hear the adventures and dangers they face. 

Jun 29, 2024

This podcast covers the first missionary journey of the church. The meeting was held at the Antioch church in Syria. Paul and Barbara’s were chosen and they went to Cyprus and then to Asia. Listen to hear and understand the details of the travels of Paul and Barnabas. 

Jun 22, 2024

This podcast talks about when Herod put Peter in prison sentencing him to death. The saints pray without ceasing all week and Peter is miraculously delivered. Listen to hear about the power of prayer. 

Jun 15, 2024

This podcast involves the apostles objecting to Peter’s leading Gentiles to Christ. Listen to hear their complaints and Peter’s rebuttals. Then Barbara’s is sent to Antioch to check on many new Gentile converts but needs Paul’s help. Lots of changes in the new Christian church.