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Ashley T Lee Podcast

Sep 30, 2023

This podcast talks about Zaccheus who was so short he climbed into a sycamore tree to see Jesus. Then Jesus tells the parable of the minas. As Jesus was going towards Jerusalem He could see over the city so He wept for them. Then He entered Jerusalem on a donkey and cleanses the temple of buying and selling lambs for...

Sep 23, 2023

This podcast finishes off Luke 18 talking about the response of the disciples to the rich young ruler encounter, Jesus predicts His death again and then blind Bartimaeus is healed. 

Sep 16, 2023

This podcast covers the first half of Luke 18 talking about the parables of the persistent widow who pleaded so much the resistant ruler gave into her demands. Then Jesus told another parable of the Pharisee & tax collector. Who would be the favored one? The podcast ends with the parable of the rich young ruler. Listen...

Sep 9, 2023

This podcast involves the same dinner from Luke 14, 15, 16 & now 17. Jesus addresses the disciples about forgiveness and offending young believers. Then He goes on to rescue His sick friend Lazarus and on the way heals 10 lepers. Then Jesus addresses the coming kingdom after trapping questions from the Pharisees.

Sep 2, 2023

This podcast is about Jesus’ parable to the disciples. As he told it since it concerned money the Pharisees were not happy. After reprimanding Jesus he told them a true story of Lazarus and the rich man to drive home His point. Listen to hear