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Your Good Body Podcast

Jan 16, 2023

SURPRISE! It's a bonus episode! It's the one year anniversary for Your Good Body (the book!) coming into the world and I thought it'd be fun to record an episode where I spill the deets about all things book writing! 

In this beefy episode I'm sharing:

  • What went well
  • What I'd do differently
  • What surprised me
  • What was...

Dec 13, 2022

Well this is the very LAST EPISODE of season two!! I can hardly believe it! What a great second season we have had! Today we're chatting about how we can become content with exactly where we are, and how we can even begin to apply that contentment to the way we see our bodies--even understanding that that does not mean...

Dec 6, 2022

Just a little flip-the-script action happening today! My hubby Phil took over and asked me all the things. He didn't tell me what he'd be asking me, OR what we'd even be talking about, but the conversation just flowed so smoothly and effortlessly. It was especially hilarious to hear him greet me the way I normally...

Nov 28, 2022

Today on the podcast we're hashing out the gifts that each Ennegram type carries and offers to the world around them! My friend Carina Schoen is a certified Enneagram Coach and she's walking us through all the ways that we can appreciate the special aspects of our friends and loved ones and also how we can see...

Nov 24, 2022

Need something to be thankful for? How about your body? Truth be told our bodies do so much to keep us alive every day, and we often spend our time being more hard on our bodies than grateful for them. So let's take less than five minutes to honor our bodies. To honor the story we've lived in our bodies. And to simply...