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Your Good Body Podcast

May 9, 2023

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Today on Your Good Body Podcast, Erika Cartledge helps us understand how to match up our wardrobe with how we feel on the inside. She says "If you feel good on the inside, it'll be reflected on the outside"

Speaking of your wardrobe...

We start the show with some fashion hot takes. I wanted to know the inside scoop on some of these fashion trends I've been noticing lately, so of course I had to ask our lovely friend Erika! We talked about mini dresses, boot cut pants, utilitarian attire, and SHOES! Because I was tired of riding the struggle bus when it came to picking out shoes. So Erika made it easy and now we're all good!

Are you a business owner?

If so, check out Erika's Chic Squad! She does so much more than helping us with our wardrobe! In fact, after growing her own successful business doing what she loves, she's sharing all the tools you need to do the same! Want to learn more and find your squad? Visit

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