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Your Good Body Podcast

May 11, 2022

Ya know those people who are just all-around day brighteners? That is my friend Terry! Terry is spreading light, joy, encouragement, and empowerment on the daily through his Instagram and TikTok videos. He just has a way of making us see the good in ourselves and in the world around us! I knew I just had to have him on the show, so he could brighen all of our day with his uplifting insight. 

We talk about being ourselves, finding what we love and what we're good at, and being ok with not fitting in. 

Doors open May 3rd for my course, Undoing Diet Culture!

You can find Terry in Instagram @TerryKaye_ and on TikTok @TerryKaye. Either way you'll love following him!

Request a personalized cameo from Terry!

Find me on Instagram: @JenniferTaylorWagner and @YourGoodBodyPodcast