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With All Due Respect! by Amanda Thebe

Nov 1, 2022

OM is a company that was created by Anca Griffiths, born out of her own personal experience of 3 different continents and 3 different healthcare systems. It was apparent to her that women were being fed a “one-size-fits-all" message that was doing women a huge disservice.

So, she created OM where the best minds in healthcare come together to offer precision medicine support and preventative therapeutic strategies to corporates and individuals in a captivating way.

For consumers, OM is the place to go to engage with the best health experts from across the world to find trusted information/support at any stage in their health journeys.

For corporates working with OM, they get personalised precision medicine and therapeutic strategies for each of their employees (wherever they are, and at any time) from the best health experts across the world.

For health experts, they get a platform enabling them to share their cutting-edge knowledge/experience in a new, engaging format with a wider audience.


Do you want all your menopause resources in one place? To pick up your free copy, simply head to PS don’t forget to leave me a nice, juicy review! It really helps support this podcast. Much Love, Amanda x