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With All Due Respect! by Amanda Thebe

May 16, 2023

Catherine O’Keeffe is a Menopause Workplace Consultant, founder of Wellness Warrior, and creator of the Menopause Success Summit. Catherine is the author of the best selling All you need to know about menopause.She helps organisations implement a comprehensive menopause strategy that leads to meaningful change. She’s helped hundreds of companies choose support over silence including Workday International, StateStreet, Department of Health, Sainsburys, and Microsoft. Catherine is on a mission to shatter the menopause taboo, for good. 


We have a good old natter about the current menopause state of the world, and why her advocacy work is so needed and important. We also dig into her new book, which introduces us to the 6 M’s of Menopause which are such practical ways to manage your menopause. 



Do you want all your menopause resources in one place? To pick up your free copy, simply head to 
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