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Out of Touch: A Hall and Oates Podcast

Welcome to the Hall & Oates Podcast where we discuss everything we love about the duo and their music. We will tackle one song each week, and can't wait to share all the things about one of the greatest bands EVER!

Sep 2, 2022

Our guest this week is an amazing podcaster and all-around great guy, Jesse Jackson (not that Jesse Jackson). In addition to discussing The Boss, we relive Prince concerts and dig into the Ticketgate drama. We also talk about television shows like Dr. Who, Only Murders in the Building, House of Dragons, and Sex Education. PLUS we learn about the podcast Dead Eyes and can't wait to dive in. OH - and we focus on the song Promise Ain't Enough from Marigold Sky because HALL AND OATES.

Jesse Jackson has been hosting his Podcast Set Lusting Bruce since 2015.  During that time he has talked to hundreds of music fans from around the world discussing their favorite musicians, bands and songs.  Jesse also is part of other podcasts discussing topics ranging from Doctor Who, Babylon 5, and Game of Thrones. He has seen Bruce Springsteen perform 17 times and counting.  He loves to read, watch TV and obviously podcast.  He lives in the DFW area with his lovely bride Linda and sees his adult son Chris every Sunday during the Cowboy season (where they continue to disappoint them both).  He will pick DC over Marvel, Superman over Batman, Star Trek over Star Wars and is a blueberry in a very strawberry state.