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Out of Touch: A Hall and Oates Podcast

Welcome to the Hall & Oates Podcast where we discuss everything we love about the duo and their music. We will tackle one song each week, and can't wait to share all the things about one of the greatest bands EVER!

Jul 17, 2022

LJ Johnson is a Bay Area-based rabble-rouser and community mental health worker. As a professional homosexual charged with corrupting the youth into lives of gay hedonism, they are contractually obligated to espouse correct opinions on all things pop culture.

They are also a committed social services provider with over eleven years of direct service experience working with psychosocially complex communities including people experiencing severe and persistent mental illness, LGBTQIA+ youth, people experiencing homelessness, and people who use injection drugs.

We discuss polyamory, Highlander, growing up in the church dating Christian rock musicians, and MK's book about Jesus as an alien. Our conversation about jealousy was enlightening, LJ is truly gifted at not only their job but being a brilliant overachiever in every way!