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The Art of Performance Podcast

Aug 22, 2022

In today's episode we welcome Lisa-Maria Kirwan to the Art of Performance Podcast and get straight into what it means to truly be you!

Lisa takes us through her incredible story of how she overcome an abusive relationship, body image and health related issues ectopic pregnancy and her battles with mental health to get to where she is today.

Lisa's straight to the point character is nto to be mistaken for the incredibly passionate, kind and caring person she is and in this talk we help break those stigmas that women, especially mums, have to look a certain way.

Lisa's mission is clear: to help as many people as possible love the skin they're in. And its clear to see how much impact she is having on this world as a role model for all other mums and women that want to be the very best version of themselves

Check out this amazing, real life, real world conversation

An amazing talk with 4 amazing athletes & professionals that participated in an incredible event! 

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