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The Art of Performance Podcast

Aug 29, 2022

In today's episode we speak to the incredible Ash Cox and dive into his remarkable background of accomplishments that constantly see him chasing more adventure, more knowledge and continuously pushing the boundaries of whats possible in the health and fitness industry

The team behind the world record breaking row take us on a journey through their 3000m row across Atlantic Ocean & some of the high lows that they all experienced on the way.

Ash spoke of his experience through completing his All Arms Commando Course, P Company, his time in the Royal Army Physical Training Corps and his more recent endeavours of academia which are incredible achievements when you see the lifestyle he leads.

Constantly striving for better Ash has an array of specialist knowledge ranging from performance nutrition, exercise rehabilitation, musculoskeletal injuries, sport and exercise sciences and researching.

All whilst looking after a family of 4 and being a husband to his incredible wife. This is a truly valuable talk with a truly humble person that pushes the boundaries and the Art of the Possible.

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