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The Art of Performance Podcast

Apr 11, 2023



The 1 thing that screams out in every sense of the word from the get-go talking to Mike!


His enthusiasm...


His will to win...


What he's wiling to go through to achieve success!


In this episode we took a deep dive into Mike's coaching philosophies and got to the root of what drives him to continue pushing the boundries of whats possible in the world Tactical Athlete Performance.


@coachmikechadwick drops plenty of thought provoking ideas and takes us through some of the amazing principles he sets out when working with athletes and how he gets his athletes to "win at all costs"


Mike also takes us through how he has a built an impressive team that also works with him very closely to bring the very best perfromance led solutions and data led protocols to the market so his athletes can attack some of the most arduous and impressive feats of strength there is.


An amazing conversation thats filled with knowledge bombs and though provoking discussions from start to finish - This is one you will not want to miss!!!