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Celtic Worship Podcast

Aug 21, 2022

Released early each Sunday morning, the Celtic Worship Podcast is hosted and produced by Dr. Luke Gambill. Luke received his doctorate in worship studies from the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies and is a music professor and choir director at Lee University. He has a long rich history in local church ministry, and a bloodline rooted in generations from all across the United Kingdom. This podcast is a culmination of his love and appreciation for the traditions of Celtic worshipers, both current and ancient.

The Scripture readings are based upon the Sunday Lectionary from The Book of Common Prayer (2019). Scripture readings are taken from the English Standard Version. The Psalter is the New Coverdale Psalter from The Book of Common Prayer (2019).

Podcast artwork graciously provided by GABHART MEDIA.

JESUS PAID IT ALL (theme music) was produced by Sam Levine. Master Use Licensing permission has been cleared through Music Services.

THE GRACE was written by Ian Hannah and Dave Whitcroft, and performed by KD Music out of Northern Ireland. For all related worship resources for this song, please visit Here you will find a complete list of downloadable companion resources for usage during your corporate or personal times of worship. Be encouraged to go check these out, as well as the other many great songs from KD Music!

The financial support for this weekly podcast goes toward website hosting fees, podcast hosting fees, copyright master fees, and other miscellaneous fees all associated with developing a podcast of this nature. If you appreciate weekly prayer and Celtic culture, consider a monthly pledge or a one-time donation at With your ongoing gift, you can join us in this weekly journey of unearthing these timeless treasures of Celtic worship. Thank you!