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Occupational Health Nursing Pulse: AAOHN Podcast

Mar 1, 2023

In this episode, Dr. Nicholas Monfries, MD joins us to discuss the Workplace Health & Safety Journal article on his pilot study on nurse burnout. Burnout affects both the individual’s personal and professional life and deals with issues like emotional exhaustion, decreased productivity, and personalization. The economic impact of burnout to an organization can be significant. One interesting note from Dr. Monfries is that the interventions can be used as more generalized training for resiliency, mindfulness and meditation for other types of issues. As Dr. Monfries explains, there is wide application for occupational health clinics to adapt the study to their own worksite. Workplace interventions are feasible and potentially effective at reducing burnout amongst healthcare professionals.

To read more information on Dr. Monfries study, please look for the article in the March 2023 WH & S Journal.