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Sober Stories

May 27, 2022

CONTENT WARNING: In this episode of Sober Stories, our guest shares her experience of having suicidal thoughts while drinking or recovering from drinking. 


Jordan Grainger joins Sober Stories host Beth Bowen to discuss her experience as a sober curious 23-year-old. Jordan shares why she decided to do a 100-day No Alcohol challenge, what she learned in that time, and how she looks at alcohol now that her challenge has come to an end. Beth and Jordan talk about how young people and Gen Z are thinking about alcohol, while they also struggle with the rise in nicotine addiction due to vaping. Jordan explains how her view of drinking was impacted by her upbringing (her parents didn’t drink — one was sober through AA) and her time in Greek life at USC, and how that expanded when she discovered the term “sober curious.” Beth and Jordan discuss the new term describing very minimal alcohol intake: “a damp lifestyle,” and Jordan shares where she sees the narrative heading. Jordan shares what her story would be called: "Against the Grain."


Jordan Grainger is a sober curious content creator trying to explore the space between “drinker” and “non-drinker”. She is a dog mom to Cleo the Great Dane and is based out of Seattle, WA. Jordan is the cohost of the Still No Plan podcast, a podcast about the evolution of navigating your 20s.


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