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Sober Stories

Mar 2, 2022

Content warning: Eating disorders and disordered eating


Amanda joins Sober Stories host Beth Bowen to discuss how her eating disorder inadvertently led to her sobriety, the way her drinking had become like "Russian Roulette," and how her experience in the 12 Steps shapes her sobriety now. Beth and Amanda talk about her new book, "Not Drinking Tonight: A Guide to Creating A Sober Life You Love," and dig into the intricacies of how the clinical mental health field is missing the mark regarding Alcohol Use Disorder. Amanda explains a new concept, "disordered drinking," and Beth and Amanda discuss how to open more doors for folks seeking to change their relationship with alcohol. Amanda shares what her story would be called (if she didn't already have a book out!): "Finding the Gray."


Amanda E. White is a licensed therapist and the creator of the popular Instagram account @therapyforwomen. She is the author of the book “Not Drinking Tonight: A Guide to Creating A Sober Life You Love.” She is the founder and owner of the group therapy practice, Therapy for Women Center, based in Philadelphia serving clients across the country. 


We also cover:


  • Disordered drinking and its relation to disordered eating.
  • The importance of labels and why not everyone fits into the “clinical description.”
  • How Amanda’s personal experiences have impacted the work she does as a licensed therapist.
  • Why the hyper-achiever/perfectionist personality plays a big role among people who drink extensively.
  • The common underlying factor between eating disorders and substance abuse.
  • Common effects of getting sober that no one really talks about.
  • Reparenting and addressing the gaps in your childhood so that you can become a loving parent to yourself.
  • Practices that helped Amanda take care of herself and her own sobriety.



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Instagram - @therapyforwomen

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Amanda's book, "Not Drinking Tonight: A Guide to Creating A Sober Life You Love," can be found anywhere books are sold.


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