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Sober Stories

May 6, 2022

Jenna Dillulio joins Sober Stories host Beth Bowen to discuss her experience as a child of an alcoholic, and the evolution of her relationship with her dad’s drinking. Jenna talks about how the word “alcoholic” feels good and supportive for her, and the story of the rock bottom that led her to go to therapy and quit drinking. Beth and Jenna talk about what it was like to be high performing, working in corporate America and running half marathons, all while struggling with Alcohol Use Disorder. Jenna explains how honesty and accountability with her family kept her sober, and Beth and Jenna talk about an alcohol-free peak: getting married sober. Jenna shares what her story would be called: "Generational Curse Breakers."


Jenna Dillulio, aka Your Sober Bestie, is a first time mom-to-be, a speaker, and a fashion and beauty blogger who shares an intimate look at her life in recovery from alcohol use disorder.



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