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Sober Stories

Mar 18, 2022

Jyoti Chand joins Sober Stories host, Beth Bowen, to discuss motherhood in sobriety, Jyoti’s experience as a sober South Asian woman, and the way alcohol impacted her mental health before she quit. Beth and Jyoti talk about drunk uncles in bounce-houses (no, really) and just how counter-culture it is to quit drinking in this drinking world. Jyoti explains how quitting alcohol has increased her creativity, and Beth and Jyoti discuss the impact of sobriety on spirituality. Jyoti shares what her story would be called: “Like a Mother,” a story about motherhood and sobriety.


Jyoti Chand, Mamajotes, is your "cool mom friend". Her mission is to make you smile and love yourself, using humor to connect with her audience and talk about tough topics and stigmas. Her goal is to spread knowledge, kindness, and, mostly, laughs. On top of sharing daily motherhood, she uses her background in stand-up comedy to spread laughter through funny videos with her husband, kids, and characters. She is also one of the creators of @thesoberdesi, a platform for sober-curious and alcohol-free South Asian women.


In this episode, we cover:


  • Alcohol-induced trauma and the things we regret doing before we quit drinking.
  • Jyoti’s personal experience after she quit alcohol and the effects she faced daily.
  • How to rediscover yourself in sobriety and find your unique creativity.
  • Sobriety within the Desi culture, especially for women.
  • Parenting and sobriety - what it looked like before and after Jyoti quit drinking.
  • What the true meaning of “hitting rock bottom” actually is and what it looks like for everyone.



Other Resources Mentioned:

Holly Whittaker's book - Quit Like a Woman

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