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Sober Stories

May 13, 2022

Content warning: in this episode, we discuss suicidal ideation and the stories we've uncovered in recent years about the abuses of children by priests in the Catholic church. We also talk about psychedelics, which may not always be supportive for everyone's version of sobriety. As always, take what works and leave the rest.


Mike Govoni joins Sober Stories host Beth Bowen to discuss the four chapters of his life that led him to the person he is today: Mike talks about how the trauma of his childhood predisposed him to challenges with substances, and the story of how he recovered from opioid, alcohol, and marijuana addiction. Beth and Mike talk about what it was like to experience the hardship of chronic illness after he removed substances from his life, and how he adopted his belief of healing beyond recovery. Mike explains how a spiritual awakening put him on the path he leads today, and Beth and Mike talk about the usefulness of the mind/body/spirit connection in living a life without substances. Mike shares what his story would be called: "One Breath at a Time."


Mike Govoni an integrative holistic recovery coach out of Sedona Arizona, with a focus on trauma, mindfulness, and whole person healing. As a person in recovery from opiates, alcohol, and marijuana for 16 years, Mike understands firsthand the impact of a dysregulated nervous system, and now helps other people find healing through somatic practices. 


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