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Sober Stories

Sep 9, 2022

David Wilson joins Sober Stories host Beth Bowen to share the story of how he went from being known by the nickname “Glugs” (at age 14) to “Sober Dave.” Beth and Dave talk about the way his childhood impacted his drinking career early on, how his mental health had become impacted by alcohol, and eventually, how he quit drinking in his 50s. Dave explains the power of completely ending a relationship with alcohol, and Beth and Dave discuss what a massive impact community has on one’s ability to remain sober. Dave shares what his story would be called: "One For the Road."


David Wilson is a speaker, sobriety coach, and Top 10 podcaster (“One For The Road”) with over 3.5 years of sobriety. His work can also be found on the SoberDave app. David’s new book, “One For the Road,” is available on September 9th, 2022.


Key Takeaways:


  • What helped David quit the booze.
  • Spontaneous sobriety vs. the process to get sober.
  • How and why you should seek community.



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