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Sober Stories

Oct 14, 2022

Jennie Canzoneri joins Sober Stories host Beth Bowen to talk about self-compassion and gentle self-talk after we make mistakes. Jennie shares her experience drinking again after long-term abstinence, how she returned to her sobriety, and all of the thoughts and self-talk that came along the way. Beth and Jenny talk about having to re-learn how to cope in healthy ways, the power of community, and how our “why’s” can evolve over time. Jennie explains the bloodwork that “scared her awake,” and Beth and Jennie discuss the ripple effect of our choice to quit drinking. Jennie shares what her story would be called: "She was scared, but she did it anyway."


Jennie Canzoneri is a wife, mom, and recent Coloradan, moving to the Denver area just a couple of months ago. She's enjoying so much hiking and wildlife spotting these days. She has also been sober since June 2020, has a small hand-lettering business, and likes to read as much as possible (even if reading is sometimes code for scrolling through Instagram). She's dreaming up a sober retreat for 2023, where she can combine her love of sober living with her fierce love of community building.


Key Takeaways:


  • Finding clarity in your community: who is a safe container vs. who is not 
  • How to be compassionate with yourself in sobriety and work on inner self-talk
  • Tips on how to get through the thick of it when you ditch the booze


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