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Sober Stories

Mar 2, 2022

Sarah joins Sober Stories host Beth Bowen to discuss the way sobriety intersects with her mental health experience, what it was like to plan a wedding and get married without alcohol, and how she found community with like-minded women. Beth and Sarah talk about the ripple effect of vulnerability and the changing narrative around mental health and substance use challenges. Sarah explains how following a hashtag led her to Sober Instagram, and Beth and Sarah discuss the power of sharing your story. Sarah shares what her story would be called if it were to be published: "Sober Hits Different."  


Sarah Pottieger is an HR Director by day, and a sobriety advocate during every bit of her free time. She created the account @shestayssober in the hopes of finding community when she first began her sober journey, and it has blossomed into a support group for others who were just like her before she got sober. Sarah lives in Brooklyn with her husband and beloved cat. You can usually find her researching, writing, singing, or telling everyone how great therapy is.  


We also discuss:

  • Sarah’s journey towards sobriety during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • The importance of finding your community of people who are alcohol-free or in recovery.
  • Sarah's battle with mental health and medication.
  • The reality of being vulnerable when you suffer from alcohol addiction.
  • The cultural taboo of talking about sobriety or struggles with alcohol abuse.
  • Celebrating major life events (like getting married) alcohol-free.



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