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Sober Stories

May 20, 2022

Blair Sharp joins Sober Stories host Beth Bowen to discuss her journey to becoming a non-drinker after a long history of sporadic binge drinking. Blair shares the story of her DUI (that wasn’t yet the push to quit drinking), how alcohol impacted her relationship with someone who doesn’t drink much, and eventually, the conversation with her partner that led her to quit drinking. Beth and Blair talk about how they each used alcohol to cure social anxiety, and how finding a blog post on Scary Mommy was her introduction to the idea of sobriety. Blair explains how “managing” alcohol is often harder than removing it entirely, and Beth and Blair discuss the pervasive of “Mommy Wine Culture.” Blair shares what her story would be called: "The Secret to Life."


Blair Sharp is a wife and mom from Minnesota. After sixteen years of drinking, she quit when her son was 18-months old. Since going alcohol-free in February of 2018, Blair has been pursuing her passion for writing and exploring the creativity she regained after removing alcohol from her life. She creates content on Instagram to support others who are questioning their relationships with alcohol and is a regular contributor to several online publications. She loves to write about parenting, sobriety, and mental health. Blair also works full-time as a Psychometrist (she tests people’s thinking). Blair loves to laugh and has a sarcastic and blunt personality. She’s a tall, introverted homebody who loves a good charcuterie board, reality television, and canceled plans. Blair doesn’t take life too seriously. She says that if she can help one person by telling her story, that’s enough for her.


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