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I’m here to totally disrupt the legal industry and how lawyers exit their law firms. I want to crush the old notion that you can’t sell your law firm or that it is not worth anything. You absolutely can and … There is a Better, Much more profitable way.

May 26, 2022

Mr. Ed was a talking horse that taught us lots of lessons when we were kids.  Recently Rich Strike, the unknown horse with 80-1 odds just won the Kentucky Derby. Tune in to learn what he can teach lawyers. 

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May 19, 2022

Goodwill is an established reputation.  When a law firm owner is trying to sell their firm, it is critical to determine if all the goodwill is personal to the owner or if the business has its own goodwill. One has value that will boost the price of the firm and the other doesn’t. Listen to this episode to learn how to...

May 12, 2022

You’ve put your heart and soul into building your practice and now you’re elated that someone wants to buy it.  Why oh why did he have to break your heart?  Listen to this episode to discover why some deals to sell law firms don’t go through. Connect with Victoria Collier


May 5, 2022

Believing that increasing the value of the business alone increases sellability is naïve. There are specific actions that can be taken to increase the value of a business. There are very different actions to take to increase the sellability. It is critical to know the difference. Connect with Victoria Collier