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I’m here to totally disrupt the legal industry and how lawyers exit their law firms. I want to crush the old notion that you can’t sell your law firm or that it is not worth anything. You absolutely can and … There is a Better, Much more profitable way.

Oct 27, 2022

Going from the Dark Ages to the Digital Age of law poses many questions, including the ethics of such transformation. Dave Zumpano and Guy Reymon eloquently explain and answer these questions in their book, The Digitization of Law:  How to Transform Technology Disruptions into Abounding Opportunity.   

Key Takeaways

17:30 Learn about the 3 ways people work with lawyers and how clients shift between them.   

21:00 Discover how the digitization of law increases the value of a law firm rather than replacing a law firm

Then, you will hear Dave’s position on how efficiency is a failed paradigm.

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