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I’m here to totally disrupt the legal industry and how lawyers exit their law firms. I want to crush the old notion that you can’t sell your law firm or that it is not worth anything. You absolutely can and … There is a Better, Much more profitable way.

Sep 14, 2023

Join Victoria as she draws parallels between the tranquil life on a farm and the bustling world of legal practice, revealing the secret to success lies in nurturing a valuable contact list – your very own "herd."

Discover why your contact list isn't just a list but a dynamic asset that can significantly impact the value of your law firm. Uncover the keys to maintaining your herd's loyalty, ensuring they don't stray to greener pastures, and how it all ties into the future sale of your firm.
Key Takeaways:

* Building a Valuable List: Your contact list, or herd, is a vital asset in your business. It consists of clients, past clients, prospective clients, and referral sources.
* Maintaining the Herd: Keeping your herd together requires more than just collecting contacts. You need to establish and maintain good communication and meaningful relationships with them.
* Content is Key: Regularly provide valuable content and offers to your herd. Make sure your communication is relevant and personalized to build a lasting connection.
* Variety in Communication: Use various communication channels, such as emails, calls, texts, and even personal interactions, to stay engaged with your herd.

Ready to discover the true value of your law firm's contact list and how it can impact your future success? Don't miss out!


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