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Apr 18, 2023

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What does Regen and the ReFi movement mean to you?

Today, Kevin is joined by the co-founders of Regens Unite Xavier Damman and Leen Schelfhout. Regens Unite is a community that invites people from a wide range of sectors, backgrounds, and experiences to unite, learn together, and work on regenerative solutions for their communities and our collective environments. 

Together, they have published the “Regens Unite Handbook: A Practical Guide for Regenerative Gatherings” and in our discussion today talk about what it means and the necessary steps to take to evolve the culture and to how to participate IRL.

Take the green pill anon.



Topics Covered:

0:00 Intro
1:32 What is Regen's Unite?
7:50 Defining Regen
15:55 Regens IRL
22:00 ReFi's Identity
29:40 Maximum Success
35:46 Evolving the Culture
47:00 How to Contribute


Xavier Damman 

Leen Schelfout 

Regens Unite 

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