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Jun 16, 2022


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Gitcoin Grants Round 14

To explore what this means for Gitcoin and the broader crypto space, we’re bringing on a medley of contributors from GitcoinDAO to talk about the public goods funding round, the decentralization of Gitcoin, and future upgrades with Grants 2.0.

Take the Green Pill, anon.


β€’ Scott Moore – Gitcoin Co-Founder 
β€’ Lindsey Thrift – VP of Product at Gitcoin 
β€’ Kevin Olsen – VP of Engineering at Gitcoin 
β€’ Annika Lewis – Lead at GitcoinDAO Public Goods Funding Workstream 
β€’ Austin Griffith – Steward of GitcoinDAO, BuidlGuidl 

Topics Covered:

0:00 Intro
3:00 Gitcoin Grants Round 14
9:50 Gitcoin Passport
14:45 Buidl Guidl Voting
22:30 Gitcoin Grants 2.0
30:00 Git Involved


Gitcoin Grants Round 14 
Gitcoin Discord 
Gitcoin Governance 
Gitcoin Grants 2.0 

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