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Jun 8, 2023

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We theorized Network States, but can we build a Network City?

Joining the podcast today is Jonathan Hillis, the Founder of Cabin (a decentralized city for creators, by creators) and previously the Director of Product at Instacart. Jon discusses what is like to build and be part of Network City. He also touches on governance philosophies and the nature of Emerging Societies.

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Topics Covered:

0:00 Intro
3:11 How to get Involved
4:38 Network Cities vs Network States
7:50 A Priori vs Empirical Knowledge
10:51 Jonathan’s Background
14:04 Polycentric Structures
19:03 On Co-Living Governance
24:33 Is Tech and Nature Compatible?
27:26 The Future of Cabin
32:30 How New Societies Emerge
36:26 Closing Thoughts

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