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Sep 26, 2023

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Can we build better protocols for Workplace Health & Safety?

Joining the podcast today is Timber Schroff. He has worked as an analyst in the Canadian public sector for the past 4 years. We introduce Timber’s Workplace Health & Safety Project and compare examples of successful protocols in that space. We also cover concepts like Dynamic Non-Events and Rigidity Trauma.

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0:00 Intro
3:55 Summer of Protocols Headspace
9:47 Timber’s Workplace Safety Project
17:34 Different Approaches to Regulation
21:59 Successful Health Protocols
24:12 Comparing Health & Safety
25:54 Dynamic Non-Events
28:22 Wormhole Bear
31:26 Individualism vs Collectivism
32:54 Rising Expectations of Safety
37:28 Wearables & Closing Health Feedback Loops
41:50 The End of History & Governance Endgames
44:46 Rigidity Trauma
46:33 The Highest Leverage Point
47:18 Health & Safety Protocols for Desk Jockeys
49:17 Closing Thoughts





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