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Jan 19, 2021

Elizabeth Svatek is a writer, podcaster, blogger @onefabulousmom and the founder of “Warrior Moms,” an online community of moms supporting, learning and laughing together. Liz believes "women are not born warriors. WE BECOME THEM.” She's a ferocious ball of energy, a force of nature, very alpha, and so darn likable. Brenda and Shelley take Liz’s comical “What Kind of Pandemic Mom Are You?” with hilarious results (text “WARRIOR” to 33777 if you want to take Liz’s quiz!) Liz is leading a self-care movement for moms to put themselves back on the list. Liz was inspired to start her “Conversations with Warrior Women” Podcast after the loss of her beloved grandmother whose life didn’t turn out like she had planned. “I decided that I was going to make things happen. I’m not going to sit here and waste what God has given me and pretend like it’s not a talent or gift. I want to interview women leaping for greatness, both personally and professionally, so that they can inspire other women who will realize, ‘I can keep going.’ Women who’ve survived unbelievable pain and suffering with setbacks such as career changes, divorces, and long-term illnesses. I’ve learned that I’m never going to run out of ‘warrior women’ to interview. We’re wired to do hard things." Liz is perfect for our “Overcomer” series as she spent twelve days in the Children’s Hospital over the Christmas holidays helping her eleven-year-old daughter battle a serious illness. “When you’re going through something like that, there’s no second thing. It’s just the first. First things first, second things never. There’s this false notion that we’re supposed to multi-task our way through tragedy. I’ve learned to always accept help because you’re blessing that other person."