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Dec 7, 2021

Are you truly ready for Christ to come this season? JL shares about how it can feel scary to pray for the coming of Christ during Advent, the four-week period of preparation in anticipation of the nativity of Jesus at Christmas. Author, Bible teacher and pilgrim JL Gerhardt (“Look to Love”) explains, “There’s the safe prayer to pray during Advent, 'God, make my life here and now better, brighter, full of your good gifts.' But the gutsy prayer is, 'Come Lord.' Sometimes God comes with discipline. Judgement. A challenge. Or an invitation for you to join Him in his work. Sometimes Advent can be an all out adventure!" JL reflects, “The question that stands out to me is, ‘Do I want Him most?’ If you’re really waiting for Him, if you’re really expecting Him to come and show up, you need to really want Him most to make room for Him. If there is something you want more, you’ll say yes to that and not to Him. You’ll let it stand in the way of Him showing up. Is there something you’re unwilling to do or give up? if God asked you to go there, would you? Whatever surfaces and makes you uncomfortable, spend some time in prayer there." It’s a good time during these twenty-five days before Christmas to invite God to come into twenty-five spaces in your life where you want Him to show up. JL prays, "God, come for me at work. Into my church, into my city. Maybe there are some bad attitudes or habits I need to clear, small addictions I fill my time with. Relationships that aren’t good for me.” JL laughs, "Maybe it’s just clutter!" “Advent" and “adventure" are the same word. Something is about to happen. Since we met this international wanderer, JL’s been in England, Croatia, Belfast, Northern Ireland, and she’s heading to South Africa. JL reveals, “My family is moving around a lot, and we're learning to expect God to show up. We feel God’s presence more than ever before. He’s showing up again, again and again. Sometimes it’s risky, sometimes it’s scary, but it’s always good.” Believe in the unexpected!