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Mar 16, 2021

Have you ever wondered why faith and coffee go together? Brenda and Shelley talk to globally-minded and engaging “coffee expert,” professor, PhD and connoisseur Dr. Lori Unruh Snyder about why coffee and faith are intertwined and the rich history of the coffee bean. An Associate Professor at NC State (Crop and Soil Science Department) Dr. Lori has traveled to coffee farms in Peru, Jamaica, Colombia, Honduras and Costa Rica, and she’s sampled all of the best coffee beans on the planet! Dr. Lori believes, “the soul of coffee is centered in the faith of the coffee grower” and she shares an ancient story about a goat herder who found “red berries" for the monks in the monastery and they noticed their prayer time was extended that night. Dr. Lori reflects, "All of the coffee farms I have traveled to internationally have small tabernacles on the side of the mountain with Virgin Mary where the coffee farmers stop to pray. All of our meetings start with a cup of coffee and a prayer. I’ve spent more time praying on coffee farms than I have anywhere else in the world." Dr. Lori who enjoys her organic black coffee “farm to cup” discusses the importance of sustainable impact coffee farming and the groundbreaking work of her friend, Tony Salas, founder of Shared-X ( She turns Brenda and Shelley onto their new favorite specialty organic roaster, One Village Coffee ( We’re hooked on the heavenly Medium Roast, chocolate, hazelnut and berry blend! One Village Coffee is responsibly sourced and grown, a socially and environmentally conscious Founding B Corporation (great coffee, great mission!) Dr. Lori helps us channel our inner barista with all of the latest coffee hacks and trending recipes, and we talk French Press, Chemex, Pour-over (good-bye clunky Mr. Coffee Maker!) and trending alternative milks (oat milk barista blend foams the best). Brenda and Shelley will jumpstart your prayer life with a new daily ten minute challenge #levelupprayerlife; one of the steps include caffeine! Commit this scripture to memory 2 Corinthians 5:17 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has gone, the new has come” and step back and watch your life transform. You won’t want to miss this feel-good #faith and #coffee episode!