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Nov 9, 2021

November is National Gratitude Month! If the only prayer we ever said was thank you, that would be enough. In this moving and deeply personal episode, Brenda bares her heart as she shares intimate details about her family and prayer life. Her "Book of Promises” is a journal she’s kept for over a decade with scriptures that she speaks aloud daily over her her life which breathe new strength into her spirit. Brenda shares, “My ‘Book of Promises’ was inspired by God and His blessings, and all of the things He’s done in my life, and things I want to see come to pass. I started this book when my young family was coming together and I was very grateful, but I was in ‘Mom-mode’ wondering, what’s next? I’ve always had this burning desire and understanding that God has planted these seeds inside of me and I’m supposed to reach out and encourage people; that is such a huge part of my heart. I was frustrated because I wasn’t in faith. I opened up my Bible, and I started writing down scriptures that resonated with where I was at, and I started speaking them aloud over my life daily." It’s important to chronicle all of the miraculous things God has done for us over the years because if we don’t take a moment of gratitude, we tend to forget our answered prayers when we’re enjoying a time of prosperity and rest. Brenda reflects, “Prayers never die. They stay alive and active, and they’re sharper than any double-edged sword. If we really understood the power and principle behind prayer, we would pray with fervency and more often. I often refer back to my breakthrough moments in my “Book of Promises” when life throws me a curveball. Looking back on those scriptures remind me of God’s faithfulness." As you head into the Thanksgiving holiday, what are you grateful for? What scriptures would you include in your "Book of Promises?" God’s word never returns void.