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Mar 30, 2021

What is your super power? This new episode with real life “Wonder Woman," model, actress, singer and beauty mogul Gwendolyn Osborne is about emotional and physical strength. You might remember her for the twelve years she was a model on “The Price is Right.” Gwen had a breakout role in the blockbuster sequel “Wonder Woman 1984” and then a startling Covid diagnosis redirected her life and inspired her new podcast. Gwen shares, “I was sick in bed facing death. One of my lungs was half-filled with fluid. I had to believe that my God was going to let me live. Questions were running through my head. ‘What is the last conversation I had with my children? What am I leaving behind? What is my legacy, my purpose?’ I had to believe this was not the end.” Gwen's spirit was reignited on the set of "Wonder Woman 1984.” Her new podcast “Tea With Gwen" is about the Wonder Women of the World and learning how they maintain and sustain in today’s busy world, healthy from the inside out: how you eat, sleep and exercise your mind, body and spirit. Gwen recalls, "I’m watching all of these incredible women on the set and I was inspired to reached out to Wonder Women of the world like Holly Robinson Peete and Pat Smith. We all need to share this information, this superpower inside of ourselves. We all need that uplift in each other.” Gwen is a goddess of beauty with the most gorgeous smile and figure. She was born to a Jamaican mother and a British father, and she grew up in the city of Bath in Somerset, England. In 2018, Gwen divorced NBA basketball player Kenny Smith and they have a son, Malloy and a daughter, London together. Gwen was also a single mother at the age of 18 with a daughter named Monique. She handles her motherhood journey and balancing act with beauty and grace, which is a part of what her new podcast is about. Gwen has also ventured into the beauty industry as the creator of Lomolique, an anti-aging facial oil ( If you have ever felt silenced or overpowered, or you have wondered what your superpower or purpose is, Gwen will help you unlock your potential. Gwen admits, "You get a lot of power from your pain. That’s something I continue to do, find power through the pain and keep moving through it. I feel like I’ve been silenced for the last twelve years and I’ve been on mute with my husband and my career. That’s what Covid brought me; I am going to be heard.” This warrior amazon is breaking out in 2021! What keeps this Wonder Woman going? Gwen reveals, “Faith is something you have to believe in during those quiet moments when it’s just you. You have to have faith that your path has been created for you, and there’s only one you, and you are special and brilliant. God will always be there for you.”