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Nov 30, 2021

Have you experienced trauma - the loss of a loved one, divorce or an accident - and you’re trying to find peace and hope again? PTSD affects all ages and walks of life. Dr. Tiffany Tajiri is the author of a new life-changing book “Peace After Combat: Healing the Spiritual and Psychological Wounds of War.” Dr. Tiffany has a heart for people and she helps veterans and their families find hope and healing from trauma, PTSD and the emotional wounds of war and rediscover God’s goodness, grace and purpose for their lives. We want to be clear: this episode is for anyone who has gone through a tragic experience, or if you’re trying to help a family member of a friend. Brenda shares, “Talking about how science and faith work together to heal deep trauma is a real passion of mine. Yes, you heard me, science and faith! I have experienced brain trauma in my family and this episode is very personal for me.” Shelley reveals, “We call Dr. Tiffany a prophetic doctor. She's completely beautiful, inside and out. I talked about my experience with PTSD for the first time after the Woolsey Fire hit my neighborhood in 2018. I had never experienced a panic attack before until I was trapped in that six hour evacuation with the fire above us on the hill, and I was very surprised how it affected me afterwards. If I feel trapped in rush hour traffic, or in a crowded plane, that feeling of not being able to get out, my blood pressure just skyrockets. After talking to Dr. Tiffany I understand more about how I can rewrite my story, and I can also see where God was during the fire and all of the things He did to bring me to safety. I experienced tremendous healing just talking to her.” You’re going to learn so much about how the brain processes trauma and practical steps to heal both spiritually and psychologically in this episode. Dr. Tiffany explains, “I help people see that God was not the author of their pain and suffering. Absolutely not! You didn’t go through this alone. There’s bad people out there; God does not control us. When my patients recognize that God was not the author of their painful event and they can start to see where He was in their story, they can start to see that He is on their side. They feel that protective element again. They start to understand that there’s beauty for ashes.”