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Nov 23, 2021

Brenda and Shelley bring in the holidays with a “Holiday Joy Mashup” of some of their favorite episodes of their popular fall Nehemiah 8:10 Joy Series. Brenda gushes, “We want to say ‘Happy Holidays’ and give you a few words of encouragement before Thanksgiving. We’re so grateful for you, faithful listeners! We want to help you find that joy, that light, that zest for life again." Shelley adds, "We’ve all been through a tough season these last 18 months. I don’t know anyone who is saying, ‘You know what? I’m doing fabulous!’ Where are we going to find that new start and fresh strength?” Brenda explains, "Joy is our birthright, it comes from God. Nehemiah 8:10 “the joy of the Lord” does give us strength. Guess what? It also strengthens the people around us too. Shelley and I strengthen each other with joy, right Shelley? Shelley laughs, “Daily! I always knew that joy felt good, but I didn’t realize the POWER there is in that verse. When we plug into God, we know He’s going to work good in all things. God always has bigger dreams for us than we have for ourselves.” Inspiring author, Bible teacher and pilgrim JL Gerhardt (“Look to Love” Episode 60) adds, “It’s what God brings. When you’re close to God, joy is close." What are some blocks to God's joy? Well-loved author podcaster Heather MacFadyen and “ recovering angry mom to four boys” (“Don’t Mom Alone” Episode 62) reveals, “My word for this year is ’strength.’ When I was doing my inner healing prayer journey I didn’t realize there was a spirit of weakness oppressing me. When we asked the spirit why it was there, it replied, ‘I was never asked to leave.’ I said ‘go!’ It was hiding the gifts that God gave me because of a spirit of weakness." Brenda states, “It think of the verse Zechariah 4:6 'Not by might, nor by power. but by my Spirit.’ If He’s in you, than joy is in you. Joy is a trait of our Heavenly Father. We’re not joyful because of our circumstances; joy is something bubbling up inside of us because of who God is.” Dynamic author, podcaster and coach Trish Blackwell's (“Straighten Your Crown” Episode 55) favorite life verse is Isaiah 55:12. “You will live in peace and joy and peace and the mountains and hills will burst into song and the trees in the field will clap their hands. I feel like I am in the ’Sound of Music!’ That is my daily premise: I will live in joy and peace. I was little girl who struggled with insecurity, anorexia and anxiety, the opposite of peace. I was all about performance. I think, joy and peace? That’s me!" Tune into Morning Cup of Faith's Holiday Joy Mashup" and raise your joy meter. Happy Thanksgiving!