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Dec 15, 2020

Dynamic sought after Hollywood Celebrity Trainer Gina Lombardi and author of Deadline Fitness (Amazon) helps motivate us to get back on track and improve our health during the ups and downs of the pandemic. Coach Gina, the creator and host of “Fit Nation,” explains that there are medicines to help fight Covid-19, but one of the best remedies is to improve our health: lose weight, reduce our blood pressure, and lower our sugar levels. Coach Gina gives Brenda and Shelley a Call To Action to start a daily motivational 12,000 Steps Challenge. Gina says, “In 2021 we can’t make a New Year's commitment and join a gym when they’re all closed right now. Walking is something you can do immediately. I challenge us all to get a tracker and join the “Morning Cup of Faith” 12,000 Steps Challenge.” Coach Gina shares her favorite holiday recipe, how to cut cravings when the urge to stress eat comes on, and how you can find a space that inspires you and workout without any equipment. Coach Gina is launching a new podcast in January 2021 “Health Interrupted.” A lifelong believer, Coach Gina also reveals why the scripture Joshua 1:9 is so special to her heart and how the verse inspires her to be strong and courageous. “We can do hard things.”