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Mar 23, 2021

When Covid hit, author-speaker Marie Zoutomou-Quintanilla's work abruptly stopped and she prayed, “Lord, use me.” KKLA 99.5 was set to interview her for her motivational book “You’re Being Tested, Do Not Worry,” and they asked her instead, “Hey, do you want to have your own radio show?” As a Stage Three cancer survivor Marie had experience as a speaker for the American Cancer Society, but absolutely no radio experience. She walked in faith not by sight, knowing that God was calling her to promote her positive message: "Never doubt the true potential you have in the life that God has given you. You are strong, capable, intelligent, beautiful, and most importantly, not alone." Born in West Africa, Marie is powerhouse who will empower you to not take “no” for an answer and to be tenacious in prayer and hope. She survived life-threatening cancer and some difficult challenges and she shares how faith will help anyone get past life’s trials. Marie reflects, “I was fighting cancer, and I lost my job and my home. I thought, ‘Wow, what else can happen to me?’ I was tested to the limit and I had a good cry. I prayed, “I promise you, Lord. If you let me live, I’ll tell the world about you.” Marie believes we’ve been given the test we’re fighting through for a reason. Marie is a dynamic motivational speaker that desires to inspire others to accomplish extraordinary things. Marie believes we should all go ahead and ask God for big things. Marie affirms, “During life’s challenges keep your faith and trust. If you don’t believe, how do you expect God to give you what you’re asking for?”