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Nov 24, 2020

In this festive and moving holiday episode, Brenda and Shelley “go off script” and bare their hearts as they share intimate details about their gratitude for their families, friends and prayer life. Brenda reveals her “Book of Promises,” the journal she has kept over a decade with scriptures that she speaks aloud almost every day over her family and her life, which breathe new strength in her spirit. Brenda and Shelley emphasize the importance of chronicling all of the miraculous things God has done for us because we tend to forget the blessings when we’re in a time of prosperity and rest. Brenda shares, “Prayers never die; they stay alive and active. If people understood this they would pray with more fervency and more often. I often refer back to those breakthrough moments in my “Book of Promises” when life throws me a curveball; looking back on those scriptures reminds me of God’s faithfulness.” In honor of National Gratitude Month “Morning Cup of Faith” salutes the bravery, sacrifice and dedication of Essential Workers on the front lines during the pandemic to keep us safe. Hardworking and faith-filled UPS Driver Michelle Woodward, who has been working eleven to fourteen hour shifts since March on her route in Thousand Oaks, California, shares an amazing bond with her longtime customers of twenty-nine years. “I look at my customers as family and friends. I can’t tell you how happy my older customers who are living alone are to see ‘Michelle the UPS Driver’ every day. It brings tears to my eyes when I see their happy faces peek out the window. I suddenly stop thinking about the pandemic, and I start thinking of all of the people out there who need me.”