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Mar 8, 2022

The emotional hangover of the past couple of challenging years is real. This uplifting episode is all about radical self-care, motherhood, parenting, postpartum depression, faith, emotional reset, we cover it all! Our dear friend Tanya Newbould’s first foundation is her faith and she lives in the spirit. She’s an actress, an outspoken PPD advocate and survivor and a Life Transformation Strategist who founded Spiritually Inspired Coaching (www.tanya She helps women recover from the trauma and exhaustion of the past two challenging years and she travels across the country speaking out because she knows that by sharing her PPD survivor story and educating moms, she’s saving lives. 
Tanya shares, “We all come here to learn and grow; that is God’s purpose for us. When something bad happens to us we automatically think,”Oh my God, I’m such a mess,’ but your mess is your message."
Tanya found herself hysterically sobbing on the kitchen floor four months after the birth of her beautiful daughter which led to her to co-producing the award-winning documentary “When the Bough Breaks “ about the realities of PPD executive produced and narrated by actress Brooke Shields (Amazon Prime, iTunes). Tanya discusses the myths of PPD and how you can help support someone through their motherhood journey. "One in five women will experience postpartum depression after giving birth, which also affects the husband and the baby.” Tanya explains. “You will be okay. Your child will be okay. I want people to know that there’s always help out there, and like the Bible says, this too will pass.”
Tanya is a safe place to share your story and seek support. One of Tanya’s favorite life verses is Psalm 4:8 “In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.” Tanya adds, “I want people to know that if they’re feeling lost or afraid to turn to the Lord. God is with you.” Reach out to her if you are a new mother or if the pandemic has left you needing an emotional reset and you need help overcoming overwhelm or developing self-compassion. Tanya's ability to share knowledge and to let others know “you are truly not alone” is her passion. Tanya beams, “My goal is to help empower others to thrive, not just survive.”