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Express Over Espresso

Aug 24, 2023

Srini Alagarsamy is a global technology executive with over two decades of experience building scalable technology organizations at Fortune 100 companies. Well-versed in all aspects of technology, he has led digital transformation and modernization initiatives across various business domains. With a perspective that technology should drive business value creation, Srini sits at the intersection of business and technology. His engineering education, combined with an MBA from Yale, shape his approach - start with the "why" and "what" before the "how" - to develop solutions that achieve desired results. Raised in an army family in India and having traveled extensively, Srini has an inclusive leadership style and a global viewpoint which has helped him build high-performing teams that deliver results. He and his teams embrace a "learn-it-all" mindset for continuous improvement. Eager to pay it forward, Srini aims to help the next generation of leaders by sharing lessons from his multifaceted technology career. Join him for a transparent conversation unlocking leadership insights. He looks forward to engaging with the diverse change makers of the future.