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Express Over Espresso

Sep 12, 2023

Melissa Stroup is the Head of Technical Program Management for IT and Engineering at Cloudflare, where she manages an amazing team that ensures programs and projects are effectively planned, integrated, and deployed into the global production ecosystem. Having spent her entire career in IT, with a deep focus on database administration, she is truly a data nerd at heart. For a large part of her career, she concentrated on delivering solutions through the Oracle technology stack, with deliberate emphasis on high availability and disaster recovery. Her passion for technology has allowed her to work across the globe, with a two-year ERP implementation for the South Australian government being one of her biggest career achievements. Melissa spent equal parts of her youth between Texas and Iowa. While Austin, TX is now her home, her Iowa roots are never far away. She has a BA and MBA from the University of Iowa. When she is not helping organizations realize the art of the possible, she is traveling around the world embracing new cultures and cuisines.