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The Mystics Realm

Nov 22, 2022

Episode 29 - All About Ascended Masters

Please join us as we welcome Shelli Howells to the show!   Shelli is a transformation warrior and someone who knows a whole lot about ascended masters and working with them!  Be ready to open the doors to what ascended masters are and have your mind blown.  She also takes us...

Oct 28, 2022

Episode 28 - A special spooky Halloween episode

Join us as we talk all things ghosty and spooky in today's episode!  Learn about some weird things that happen around Ginger and Trina.  Sometime we are so used to it that it doesn't even register as weird!

Episode 27 : Spirit Guides, Higher Self and Repatterning of Energy

Sep 6, 2022

Episode 27 : Spirit Guides, Higher Self and Repatterning of Energy

Join us today as we dive into spirit guides and our higher self.  Do we all have spirit guides?  Do we have multiple versions of our higher self?  We have some interesting insights and experiences with this!  And then, of course, in our usual style, we...

Aug 23, 2022

Episode 26 - The Magic of Soul Seek Up and Oracle Cards

Join us today as we pull a card from Ginger's BRAND NEW Soul Seek Up Oracle Deck and talk about its meaning for us and our audience.   This deck is beautifully designed and had an amazing message for us and all who are listening!

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Aug 9, 2022

Episode 25 - The Magic and Science Behind Crystals!  

Join us as we welcome Bristol Witte to the show as we geek out on crystals!  There are so many benefits to crystals in healing and just your everyday life.  Learn the science behind it as well as some pretty cool things that you can do with crystals!

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