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The Mystics Realm

Apr 18, 2023

Episode 32 - Wholeness and Embodiment

Join us as we welcome Christina Fletcher to the show to talk about wholeness!  She beautifully explains the concept of wholeness and we really drill down into the embodiment of it.  We neglect our physical experience often in the pursuit of looking outside ourselves for the...

Apr 11, 2023

Episode 31 - Gratitude with Jenna Dancy

Join Ginger and Trina as we welcome special guest Jenna Dancy to the show to talk all about gratitude.  Jenna takes us back to when gratitude literally saved her life and how we can all implement small, yet effective, gratitude practices in our daily lives to shift not only our...

Apr 3, 2023

Episode 30 - Listener Questions Answered!!

We are back everyone!  We took a little "energy break" and we are back to recording!  We thought it would be fitting to go through some of the questions we've received via email over the last few months and answer all the listener questions!  We talk about quantum jumps, ETs,...