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Two Chicks Homestead

Sep 28, 2022

Join us on this episode while we chat about a few projects we got done, an update on the freeze drier, and its cider season!


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Sep 22, 2022

Join us on this episode while we talk about a few things we had fun doing, something we broke, and our path to Agorism or something like it.


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Sep 14, 2022

Join us on this Episode while we sit down over some whiskey and some smoked Queso dip with Carlos from LifeAtTerminalVelocity. We talk about Skydiving, Ham radio, Skydiving with Ham radio, and homesteading! Its a long interview but well worth the listen! 

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Sep 7, 2022

Join us on this episode while we chit chat about some rabbit feet, some comfrey, and get sidetracked talking about a few other random things! This will be the last week to enter into the giveaway, see the link below! Also Next week we have an interview with Carlos from LifeAtTerminalVelocity! Its a long one but...

Aug 31, 2022

Join us on this episode while we give an update on things going on around the homestead, harvests, and a medical class we hosted over the weekend thanks to EMT_Don. Pardon the background noise as our youngest was up and helping us record this episode!

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