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Career Spotlight

Jun 12, 2023

Lena Meyer is a Transformational Life Coach and founder of Gratitude6. As a coach, she helps people connect to the heart and soul of what matters to them most and clear the blocks that get in the way, so they can live their most joyful and meaningful lives.

But she didn’t start on this journey until she had about a decade of experience as a Financial Advisor. What we learn in this episode is how her love of helping people achieve their goals led her to discovering her true passion and path as a transformational life coach. She shares how she did all the “shoulds” and then learned to listen to her intuition and find her path to helping others.

Her specialties include intuition, mindset shifts, life transitions and positive impact, and she believes now more than ever we have the opportunity to create positive change in our lives and world. Her story is inspiring and shows just how much is possible when you learn to listen to your intuition.

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