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Career Spotlight

Jan 2, 2023

Nancy’s first interest for her career path was woodworking. With talents in science and math, she was encouraged to attend college instead. But, her first interest in Environmental Science was not a viable career path. At least, that’s what she was told at the time. She found herself as a Civil Engineer working for the City of Seattle. But then an opportunity for lunch-time education sparked her interest in a very different direction.

She followed her curiosity and switched career paths. Turns out her family has a long line of small businesses, from her Grandparents to her parents and now herself as she runs her own practice of Acupuncture. 

We learned her story, and the lessons she gathered along the path to running her own business. She shares her experience, wisdom and joy for continuing to learn!

Learn more about Nancy Ishii:

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More of her family history will be shared at the Seattle Repertory Theater on February 25th 2023: