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Career Spotlight

Jan 22, 2024

Through many night shift jobs, and life lessons both outside and inside the classroom, Dr. Ivan Misner shares with us how he founded Business Networking International in 1985. Called BNI for short, Dr. Misner started this networking organization while working his way through graduate school. 

He shares with us the very real challenges and unexpected successes the BNI community brought into his life. Growing BNI over 30 years, his efforts now influence business communities around the world in 76 countries! In practical numbers, BNI has generated 15.1 million referrals resulting in more than $23.3 billion dollars’ worth of business for its members.

Dr.  Misner is now the Chief Visionary Officer of BNI today. He keeps himself active with BNI as a Speaker and New York Times Bestselling author. He has written 29 books including his newest, Co-authored with Dawa Tarchin Phillips, called, “The 3rd Paradigm: A Radical Shift to Greater Success.” And he continues to educate through the Official BNI Podcast, where anyone can learn more about networking and growing their business. Even if you’ve been a long time member of BNI, and read all his books, we are sure you’ll discover something new as Dr. Misner shares his career journey!

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